What is artslugs?

ArtSlugs.com is a community website, mainly for posting sketches, works in progress and studies to receive feedback from other artists, and improve.

ArtSlugs was created by Artist Daniel Cotter in November 2015, to build a sketchbook community that’s much easier to use than sketchbook forums, and that has the features of many familiar social networks. The website is intended to be used to help other artists, and to improve your craft.

Is it free?

Yeah it’s all totally free, and we want it to stay that way!

How do I use the site?

I will have a video coming soon on using the main features of the site.

In the meantime, please sign up, and start posting your artwork to your “Sketchbook” which is a timeline with all your posts on it. You can view all the artwork you have posted in the “Gallery” section of your profile. You can also go to the main site and view other user’s sketchbooks and a list of art sorted by recently posted and most viewed. It’s encouraged to explore other artists’ work and leave feedback for them to improve (they may do the same back!).

You can also add your twitch stream to your profile, which will automatically be added to the ArtSlugs list of online streams.

Happy Sketching!



How do I contact you?

If for any reason you need to contact me about the site, please use [email protected]

I’ll try to get back to you as fast as I can (but that’ll depend on how busy I am when you contact me).


So what are these cool features you keep talking about?

Okay here goes:

-Your sketchbook is a timeline! (Much like facebook)

-You can quickly scroll through each of your posted images in the gallery

-You can upload videos (time lapses, progress videos, tutorials, or anything you can think of!)

-You can add your twitch stream to your profile and view all the twitch streams currently online.

-You can like and comment on other artists’ images.

-You can view sitewide activity, or filter it, like by users you’re following.

-If you study hard you might get featured on the main page 😉

-Yeah there’s much more than that, go explore!


What’s that red dot that says “Live” at the top?

That means I’m painting live for all to see!

Whenever my twitch.tv account is streaming, the top menu will be a tiny bit wider and show a little red dot with “Live!” written next to it, click it to join the official ArtSlugs stream!

I didn’t get the activation email!

Please check your spam folder, it might be in there. (And if it is, please mark it as not spam <3)

If it’s not there and it’s not working and you totally want to start leveling up hard and posting on your sketchbook… just email me at [email protected], tell me your username and I’ll activate it manually for you.

Can anyone see my password?

No, nobody can see your password, not even me. When you sign up it gets encrypted and nobody gets to see it 😮

That being said, I recommend you use a different password for each website you visit, it’s just standard Security (and common sense!)